Some of the compelling attributes of HI-STORE CIS that speak to its transformative benefits and underlie its enthused acceptance by the nuclear savvy New Mexico’s citizenry are:

Safe and Secure

The canisters are stored in-the-ground in concrete & steel cavities that make them essentially impregnable to the societal threats that have emerged in the 21st century. The HI-STORE CIS storage facility, consisting of HI-STORM UMAX vertical ventilated system, is engineered to be immune to extreme environmental phenomena such as hurricanes, floods, tornados, and earthquakes. HI-STORE CIS is designed to withstand a crashing aircraft or an (improbable) on-site fire without any radiological consequences.

Minimum Radiation Dose to the Plant Personnel

HI-STORM UMAX is engineered to maximize safety of the workers (who will be local residents) and minimize the radiation dose to the environment. The HI-STORE CIS facility can emptied of its canisters (defueled) with utmost ease and maximum safety.  With appropriate ancillaries on hand, a canister in the HI-STORE CIS facility can be placed into storage, or removed from storage in less than eight hours.

Zero Radiological Release to the Environment

The facility is environmentally benign releasing no effluents or emitting no emissions.  The radiation dose at the site boundary computes to a small fraction of the cosmic radiation that bathes our planet.


The HI-STORE CIS storage facility is visually inconspicuous. Its profile is less than 610 mm (2 ft.) tall, making it a less visible target from the air and less visible from public land. There are no areas on the ISFSI where a person may hide, making breach of security pretty nigh impossible.

NO adverse effect on wild life forms

An Environmental report prepared for the HI-STORE CIS site indicates that the facility will have negligible impact on the local flora and fauna or the local fowl & critters that inhabit the land. There is not even the remotest possibility of contamination of ground water.

Will shrug off the strongest of earthquakes

In due deference to Mother Nature, the design Basis seismic intensity level assumed for the facility corresponds to a 10,000-year -return Earthquake. (Typical for the presently operating nuclear plants is 100-year-return Earthquake).

All-welded Canisters made to the most stringent Codes

The fuel is contained inside all-welded stainless steel canisters (no bolted joints) that allow no pathway for the radiological matter to escape to the environment. The expected service life of each Canister in the high & dry plateau of New Mexico is tens of thousands of years; the proposed service life of the facility requested from the USNRC is a conservative 120 years.

Modest land area requirement

All of the 10,000 storage cavities are enclosed in a rectangular area of 110 acres. Another 178 acres is needed for ancillary buildings and facilities such as the parking lot, double fence security system, batch plant for concrete mixing, the Cask receipt & transfer building and roadways. Thus the entire HI-STORE CIS facility will occupy 288 acres out of 1045 acres allotted to Holtec by ELEA,LLC.